What is The Warrior Challenge


Races For Everyday Heroes!

The Warrior Challenge is the race for everyday heroes! Proudly Australian owned and operated, our races challenge the toughest competitors but stay fun for all ages. TWC is the first and only operator in Australia to offer a WINTER race, 15km of obstacles in Mountain terrain – see our Winter Gallery for photos! We thrive on ensuring that each racegoer can achieve all obstacles on the course and finish the race- regardless of time! There are many obstacles where you will need a team member or fellow competitor to help you get across the line- but that is the name of the game!

Lake Mountain

The Lake Mountain Winter Warrior Challenge is a winter race for all! With over 30 obstacles on course and the only obstacle course in the snow with the Winter Warrior Challenge- obstacle racing just got a whole lot tougher! Test your strength, endurance and stamina with obstacles built in to the tough Lake Mountain terrain. Enjoy the only winter race in Australia, our only offering in 2016!