Winter Warrior Challenge


Lake Mountain-August 6, 2016


We had true winter conditions in 2015 and we are looking forward to a great race in 2016! AS usual, places are limited- so enter early! We have added several obstacles to the back course for summer and we will look to using this in winter, so get ready for some fun!

This race is a blast, come for a great time in the snow and have a laugh with your mates! 2015 saw two feet of snow and a beautiful sunny day!

15km, 25 obstacles and heaps of fun! Test yourself on what is arguably the most difficult terrain in obstacle racing- up and down the trails of Lake Mountain using every inch of your ability to get up the seemingly endless hills and switchback trails. The elite heat blazes the trail, so if you are new to snow racing give the 9:30 or later heat a go and you will have a great time!

Due to the cost of running this event, we will not offer discounts in 2016 as we have reopened the race for you guys- but we need to make enough money to pay for it!