Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

why is insurance mandatory?

The $8.99 PAI insurance is a mandatory part of the registration, as it covers you if you get injured. Even with your own insurance, our insurance provider requires everyone purchase it in case of accident or if the insurance you have doesn’t completely cover you.

What’s included?
You will receive entry to the race with a reward for participation. Lake Mountain will have several food options available including coffee, fresh snacks and hot food. For the Winter Warrior Challenge, there will be an added bonus of a winter warmer!

There are accommodation options at every race in every location that TWC has arranged for you. Please contact us at and we will provide you with options. We work locally with Council and Tourism operators to provide accommodation to suit many different budgets.We are supporting several local accommodation sites so make a weekend and stay up in the area either Friday or Saturday after the race! There is a new hotel in Marysville, the VIBE, that offers great rates with breakfast – ask us about it!

There will be heats to participate and these will be as accurate as possible. Heats will generally start at 9am and continue at 15 minute intervals . Each heat will have a maximum of 100 participants. We will offer later heats as numbers increase, but early heats fill early so book early to avoid missing you start time!

Warrior Course
The Lake Mountain courses will take place over 14km and in different terrain than any other obstacle race, so come prepared! There will be a minimum of 20 obstacles of varying difficulty that are suitable for winter. There are no mud pits or water obstacles in winter, they are suitable for the environment- where a foot and a half of snow is your greatest obstacle! Be prepared to climb, shimmy, jump, crawl, slide, cry, laugh, help your mates, and generally have an awesome time. Winter 2013, 14 and 15 saw a beautiful sunny day with snow on the whole course, it was a magnificent day- so don’t be afraid to give this one a go! And Remember, if you are new to winter racing, enter the later heats so that the elite group has already paved the way for you!

The race will be timed but we will not record them it is for your convenience only

Rules and Guidelines
(1) Contestants must obey race stewards and organisers at all times. Participants who do not adhere to the stewards and their advice can be disqualified and refused participation in the vents and any future events.
(2) Participants and their spectators must care for and respect the wildlife and surroundings and leave the area free of rubbish, free from trampling and in pristine condition.
(3) See registration website for rules regarding entry.
(4) Race will take place regardless of weather conditions, and refunds will not be issued unless otherwise stated.
(5) Have fun, train hard, and follow 1-4

We will take every precaution to ensure your safety, with medics and ambulance on site for race day. You do however enter the event at your own risk, and there are significant challenges to overcome.

The cost of a full price entry is $75- there is no discounts for 2016 as the race was losing money- so we have asked that people pay a fair price for what we offer- this race is VERY difficult and expensive to operate.


What to Bring
Bring a full change of clothes, shoes and appropriate footwear for the race. Staying warm is important, but don’t overdress. You may get wet, dirty, cold tired and cry like a baby- so bring tissues. At Lake Mountain there are lockers and full shower facilities and for the winter race there are opportunities to rent gear if you forget your mittens!

Lake Mountain- Arrive Early! In winter, the mountain is busy and a charge will apply, but will be less than many other races. This is due to a normal park entry fee of $54 per car- our current race parking cost to you is $10 per car. Have a toboggan or snowball fight while waiting- Parking is available onsite but there will be other visitors to the mountain so please carpool to the best of your ability. There should be enough for all but cars full of people will be appreciated as the mountain can get extremely busy on winter days and parking will then go down the hill- we don’t want you to have to walk 1km before the race!

Wet Weather or Snowstorm
Hahahaha! Warriors fight to the death in the rain and snow and so do we! If there is a FIRE risk we do reserve the right to cancel a race at short notice without refund. If there is severe risk from snowstorm that you will not make it through the course we will alter it accordingly. Please do not complain as this is for your safety.

Food and Drink
Lake Mountain- The mountain is fully equipped for service of hot food and all drinks.

Bibs and Timing
All Races- Bibs are your unique identification number to the race staff, spectators, etc and will be used to measure your time. You may also be required to write your number on your forehead for easy recognition during summer races.

All Races- You will be provided with a pre-race email telling you when to show up and register- though this is generally about a half hour before your race time. it is recommended during winter races that you leave early as chains may be needed if there is strong snowfall on the day. These can be rented in Marysville for about $30.

Lake Mountain- You will have opportunity to sit inside and have a nice coffee if your start time is a bit later. We do reserve the right to start you 15 minutes earlier or later if needed, so please prepare for this possibility. Make sure your bib is attached to the front of your shirt using the safety pins provided or the sticker if a stick on. We will NOT accept starters after 10am as there is strict limitations on out medical staff.


How do I Register?
Can I get a refund?
No refunds will be offered unless a medical certificate is produced stating that participation is not allowed.

Terms and Conditions?
See the registration page for all registration conditions